The Assembly Office works with the Bishops of Ontario to coordinate their efforts across the Province of Ontario by facilitating meetings, programs, insurance matters, Plenary gatherings and Ad Limina visits.  Over the years, the ACBO has been responsible for producing educational materials, publications and resources, and has supported Catholic ministries and ecumenical/interfaith initiatives.

The General Secretary of the ACBO is responsible for the overall functioning of the Assembly’s Secretariat to accomplish the goals set by the bishops at their Plenary meetings and represents the Bishops of Ontario, in a staff capacity. The Assistant General Secretary (French Services) works with the General Secretary to accomplish the goals set by the bishops, while providing French language services throughout the Province.  Together with the support staff, this group humbly serves the bishops and collaborates on projects to proclaim, celebrate and live the Good News of Jesus Christ in our Province.

90 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 810
Toronto, Ontario  M4P 2Y3
Tel: 416- 923-1423

Brian Beal, General Secretary

Sébastien Lacroix, Assistant General Secretary (French Services)

Kristen Carey, Office Manager and Executive Assistant to the General Secretary

Susan Miclef, Bookkeeper and Office Assistant

The Ontario Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) brings together, works with, and assists organizations that share responsibility for English Catholic education in their efforts to promote and maintain publicly-funded Catholic schools animated by the Gospel and reflecting the tenets of the Catholic faith.

44 Hunt Street, Suite 2F
Hamilton, Ontario L8R 3R1
Tel: 905-523-2469


OPÉCO is an organization of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario and is at the service of the Franco-Ontarian Church. Its mandate has two components: the diocesan aspect: pastoral work in a diocesan and parish environment, in particular, the growth of adults in the faith; and the school component: education of the faith in French-language Catholic schools.

223 Main Street, Suite L-271
PO Box # 135
Ottawa, Ontario  K1S 1C4
Tel: 613-581-2836