The Commission for Priests considers issues related to the welfare and ongoing formation of the clergy. It maintains liaison with the Central Region Executive of the National Federation of Councils of Priests.


The Education Commission monitors, through the Institute for Catholic Education and L'Office provincial de l'éducation catholique de l'Ontario, the development of curriculum in both English and French for Catholic schools. It also relates to other Catholic education associations on all issues affecting Catholic schools.


The Social Affairs Commission seeks to apply the rich body of Catholic social teaching to the many issues of social justice which arise in our society. Its goal is to increase knowledge of Church teaching among the faithful and to make its basic principles known to those who might not yet be familiar with them.


The Executive Committee carries forward the business of the Assembly between Plenary Meetings. The Executive for the 2020-2022 term is:

President: Most Rev. Ronald Fabbro c.s.b. - Bishop of London

Vice-President: Most Rev. Gerard Bergie, Bishop of St. Catharines

Councillor: His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins - Archbishop of Toronto

Councillor: Most Rev. Serge Poitras - Bishop of Timmins


This Committee is composed of two bishops and several practicing chaplains. It deals with issues concerning the delivery of chaplaincy services to Catholics in settings such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, and prisons.


The Ontario dioceses cooperate in obtaining various types of insurance coverage. The Insurance Committee is comprised of two bishops who, with the help of an Insurance Management Board which has representatives from eight dioceses, manage the insurance programs and keep the other bishops informed of its standing.



With regard to Liturgy, the A.C.B.O. has appointed a Liaison Bishop to work closely with the Ontario Liturgical Conference to enhance the standard of liturgical presentation in the province. The OLC also performs a liaison function with liturgical authorities at the national and international levels.

Health/Medical Ethics

With regard to issues of health and medical ethics, the Conference appoints two bishops to the Board of the Catholic Health Association of Ontario. The Conference also works closely with the Canadian Catholic Bio-ethics Institute.

Family Life Education

Issues concerning Family Life Education and the Fully Alive program are dealt with directly by the Education Commission.

Ecumenism and Interfaith Activities

The Ontario Conference for Christian Unity, Religious Relations with the Jews, and Interfaith Dialogue is a standing committee of the A.C.B.O. consisting of representatives from all of the Catholic dioceses of Ontario and from other Catholic institutions. It is dedicated to relationships with other Churches and ecclesial communities, and with religions outside of the Christian faith. At the Conference’s annual meetings, various aspects of ecumenism and interfaith relationships are studied in detail. In addition, there is an overview of activity for the year from each diocese.
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